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Our Story

How we started:


In 1971, David Yankovich moved to Madison from Chicago with his teacher, Joanna Guthrie, and 15 other students to create her visionary restaurant, the original Ovens of Brittany on State Street. The following year they opened the Baker’s Rooms located just above the Ovens. These young people, novices, operating from their heart, inspired each other and were destined to change the experience of dining in Madison. Joanna’s vision was to serve people through creating conscious food and service. The restaurant had a farm where they grew some of their own food and raised chickens and cattle. The Ovens had a ripple effect on Madison. Many former employees ~ cooks, bakers, managers, wait staff ~ went on to create their own restaurants which were highly successful: Ovens on Monroe, Ovens in Shorewood, Ovens on Fordem Ave, La Brioche Bakery, L’Etoile, Lazy Jane’s, Second Story, Wilson Street Grill, Mildred’s Sandwich Shop, Monty’s Blue Plate Diner and others.


David was part owner of the Ovens of Brittany until 1985. In 1988, he purchased La Brioche Bakery located on State Street from a Swiss pediatrician. In 1995, La Brioche relocated to Midvale Boulevard. near the Sequoya Library where it became a favorite and beloved place to eat and meet in the warmly integrated Westmoreland/Midvale neighborhoods.


Jackie Patricia, a resident of Madison since 1970, has been practicing feng shui since 1983. She brought her years of design expertise in creating feng shui spaces to develop the atmosphere of La Brioche True Food . Jackie is a classical pianist, teaching piano since 1977. She has taught many students the art and zen of music.


David and Jackie married in 2005, and together their decision to expand La Brioche Bakery took shape in California, inspired by local and organic restaurants in San Rafael and Berkeley where they ate the freshest strawberries ever, and devoured the best pizzas and homemade soups in the world.


The blend of their passions - David’s love of food and service and Jackie’s knowledge of chi and feng shui – spurred them on. David’s first purchase for the restaurant was a four-foot baby grand from Farley’s House of Pianos for Jackie, her piano students and other musicians... Their dream of La Brioche True Food was born.


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