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The feng shui of David and Jackie’s Restaurant

Welcome ... to a world meant to move you into the harmony and safety we all long for. I call it b.c. ~ before crisis.


The freshly-old and comfortable feeling that we intend for youis the feng shui of our restaurant.  In plain speaking, feng shui is all about the manipulation of chi which is everywhere and in everything.  All Things Matter and how they’re put together forms a zone ~ almost like the air ~ where you can walk into a space and feel ~ something is different.  In this space, everything is intentionally designed to carry us back to a time when maybe you entered your

grandmother’s parlor, saw her world and felt her stability and pervasive loving-kindness.  The wallpaper, the secondhand chandeliers, the old parlor piano ~ all contribute to a time before we indulged in our high-speed over-connection to a world in crisis.

As you look around and feel the warm colors and the effect of gentle curves, from the ceiling to the wallpaper to the table edges to the piano, there is an ambient flow intended to connect everything to everything.  The spirited old-fashioned wallpaper sifts down into the many tapestries on the chairs.  Even the grid-work of the smaller tiles covering the entire floor knits the space together.  Connections abound.  All the lines and colors bring everything into connection with everything else to create a space ~ for you to connect with your community and your loved ones ~ for you to reconnect with yourself and your tummy ~ for us to connect with you.  Here we share with you our vision of wholeness and heart.


Although feng shui seems intricately complicated, reduced to its very simplicity, it is only about you and your ability to feel all that you can be ~ your whole potential.  The traditional sections of the bagua (feng shui map) ~ career, health, fame, relationship ~ they are all here, and augmented.  But the greater feng shui is what you experience when you stand and look around 360 degrees and feel the connection of tile to stone oven to ceiling to mahogany wainscoting to art to wallpapers to chairs to the true food.   All this ~ so that your eyes and heart at the same time can dance and rest.


So Welcome!        Have some tea. 
Fill yourself with the experience of good chi.
Jackie Patricia, feng shui master


chi in the dining room


There are three areas in the dining room.   They are fast chi -medium chi - slow chi.  chi refers to the quality of energy or life force.   It is everywhere, in everything and always changing.  And, it changes from morning through evening.   We all respond to the field of chi around us, no matter what we name it.  It can energize us or deplete us.  Throughout La Brioche True Food, everything is intended to energize our guests, our staff, and ourselves.


fast chi - is the area with the most action and is located in the front of the house under the high ceiling.  It is designated fast chi because of the speed of movement found here.  This speedy movement causes feelings in us.




Some speedy examples are: 
Front Door - the frequent movement of coming and going
Many Windows - facing the speedy traffic on University Ave.
Cash Registers - the exchange of money 
Smaller Round Tables - where one sits for a quick sip
Granite Tables - metal energy increases the speed 
Crystal Chandeliers - refract light creating a sparkle 
Apple Picture - large picture with prominent octagonal gold 
frame declares our values at La Brioche True Food 

medium chi - is located in the middle of the house, where the ceiling is lowered. Here, there is less action than in the front of the house.


Loveseats - cozy seating, allowing two people to sit closer

Wing-back Chairs - envelop two people in their own space while energy flows on either side 
Wood Tables - wood energy is warmer & slower than granite
Wall Sconces and Table Lighting - placed lower than the higher lighting in Fast chi, suggesting, “stay a while”
Ceiling Lighting - flanks the wing-back chairs creating its own zone
Stone Oven - the warm open flame slows our energy 


slow chi - is located in the back of the house, after the taller mahogany walls, creating a warm and intimate space.


Some things that suggest slower movement are:

Threshold - the wide wooden separation between medium chiand slow chi, suggests a slower pace 
Mahogany Wainscoting - higher, dark walls create intimacy 
Booths - with tufted high backs and low sconce lighting create a cushy little "room within a room"
High Back Chairs - provide a relaxing, lingering feeling 
Wallpaper - changes between medium chi and slow chi to dark rich tones

Lighting - chandeliers glowing with golden tones 

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